Saadia Mazhar Welcomes You!

Assalamu Alaikum!

Welcome to my space

You might want to know who I am, so I have a story to share that will inspire you to understand me better. Whenever I write something, it comes deep from my heart so you know that I am sincere with myself and my readers as well. In this world of polarity, I prefer to remain neutral. I am mostly apolitical and areligious on social media but now when polarity has risen and people have started taking sides, I have started taking sides of what is close to my heart. Again, this doesn’t mean I would start hating anyone around me just because he or she holds a different view than mine. I respect everyone irrespective of his or her religion, caste, faith, region, language, or culture.

What’s Expected?

At the same time, when I allow people to comment on any of my blogs, I will expect respect and dignity, and the ability to tolerate my views and respect me as an individual. Having said that, I believe it is time to introduce myself because without doing so, you won’t be able to build a healthy spiritual connection with me. I believe this is important because I want my work to be known especially when I don’t exist further in this temporary world.

My Story – Journey from sympathy to empathy – The viral story – University of Lahore recognizes me

My Journey from Sympathy to Empathy has embarked on many journeys entailing gigantic challenges that I surpassed like a pro. My story became viral on Linkedin, where my university contacted me to talk more about it. At first, I thought it was not possible, but then I felt that no, my university has finally recognized my efforts. I further enquired about how they would go about my story. They informed me that they have a planned informal Alumni meetup.

It was August 2019, when I went to my university with my toddler. I left him at my khala’s home and went to my university. The session was very warm and candid with a yummillicious mug of coffee and some yummy cookies. On top of that, they enquired about my startup Torque 360, and my achievements. They were quite impressed with my story. They covered this session in The Spectacle November 2019 issue.

Next year, in April 2020, they took my interview in writing, and to my surprise, shared a snippet of my story published in The Spectacle by University of Lahore, in their Jul-September issue of 2020, via email. Now, University of Lahore directly emails me their all The Spectacle issues straight in my inbox. Not only that my university will keep my name in their record for everyone to see, it will keep contacting me wherever it needs me. Obviously I can’t say no to them because they provided me what I needed, i.e. a perfect platform for grooming myself.

To view November 2019 issue, click here.
To view July – September 2020 issue, click here.

My Journey from Sympathy to Empathy – Story included in “Extraordinary Freelancers of Pakistan” by PSEB

Well, this is something that I will always count as one of my biggest achievements in life. People do become successful and then there are days where they are not visible anywhere. In my case, however, I feel I am a lucky person. I tell you how. Actually when I wrote my story on Linkedin, it had more than 13000 views in first attempt of posting. Then again after few days I shared my detailed story mentioning my father, and I had again 14000+ views. Then for third time, I shared a snippet of my published story in University of Lahore‘s The Spectacle E-paper. This time I had surpassed 14000+ views again.

Then, I shared the story in Hisham Sarwar‘s Facebook group “Learn Freelancing with Hisham Sarwar” and this time, the story attracted more than 800 reactions and countless views. To my surprise, an amazing, and humble lady from Pakistan Software Export Board, contacted me. She said that my story is inspirational and she wants to include my story in her project “Extraordinary Freelancers of Pakistan”. This project had multiple entries coming in, so they changed name from 100 top freelancers to eventually Extraordinary Freelancers of Pakistan. I feel honored that my name is among those prestigious people who have a lot of contributions for Pakistan. This story is present as a video on Tech Destination Pakistan, the official page of PSEB’s Tech in Pakistan initiative.